[Craiova 2020] Program

School Lecturers and Topics:

  • Luca Heltai (SISSA Trieste, Italy) High performance Computing
  • Igor Salom (Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia) Computer Techniques in HEP
  • Raul Jimenez (Univ. of Barcelona, Spain) Numerical techniques in Cosmology
  • Ioannis Rizos (Ioannina Univ., Greece) Specific computations in HEP
  • Milan Milosevic (Nis Univ., Serbia) Numerical inflation – simulation of observational parameters
  • Dumitru Vulcanov (West Univ. of Timisoara, Romania) Computational cosmology
  • Aurelian Isar (NIPNE Bucharest, Romania) Quantum information

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